Canon EOS 7d, film festivals and awards

I’ve recently bit the bullet and invested into the DSLR market with a Canon EOS 7D. After waiting forever for the Red Scarlet, I decided to get the camera which is actually available. The specs are fantastic, plus its main selling point for me… being able to mount my new Carl Zeiss T* 50mm f/1.4 prime lens in front of it and I have to say… wow, what a combo. With a legendary lens such as that, almost any camera is going to be transformed into some awesome equipment. I’m not into filming random test footage and posting it on YouTube or Vimeo, but there’s some really spectacular footage shot on the 7D that will prove my point.

On another note, the last short I directed – Fractured – has just been selected to screen at two film festivals; the Washougal International Film Festival & the Open APPerture Short Film Festival. That’s a pretty good start, so let’s hope that more festivals join in the fun soon!

Fractured is also up on the Inside Film (IF) Awards website. If you have a little spare time, login and vote for it @

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