I love film

i LIKE digital.

i LOVE film.

When I shoot digitally, I invest a whole bunch of time trying to make the images seem more organic (see this post for a further explanation).

With film, I don’t feel the need to change them – all I have to do is choose the right film stock and lens combination for the job, and i’ll feel confident that I can produce images (still or motion) that won’t need alterations to be pleasing. Furthermore, if I would want to grade or enhance images shot on celluloid, they generally hold up better than their digital counterparts if scanned into a high quality format.

I am also shooting my upcoming feature film on super16mm, instead of on a Red Digital Cinema camera! This revelation pleases me beyond the depth of words, but maybe these pictures will help;

I recently got a few rolls of 35mm film developed. None of these have had corrections or grades applied – and I love them for that! Please note that these are low-res versions of the already low resolution scans from the shop!