Ten in 2010

WOW, 2010 is almost over! Answer me this; why does time go faster as we get older? Does it have something to do with not having the abundance of energy to keep up with it like we did when we were kids?

Anyhow, I have long waited for 2010 as Bad Religion (one of my personal favourite bands) released a song back in 1996 in which they seemed slightly pessimistic about the then future (today’s present)…

“Happy and content it can’t happen to you 10 in 2010! 10 in 2010!
Fifteen years we’ll think of a solution 10 in 2010! 10 in 2010!
It won’t just appear in one day 10 in 2010! 10 in 2010!
For 10 in 2010 we’re well on our way 10 in 2010! 10 in 2010!”
-Bad Religion (Ten in 2010)

I grew up wondering & waiting to see if something would happen in 2010 – but with time comes an understanding that we have to act and not be so passive. Hmm, I wonder if being young & naive has something to do with time being slower when we’re younger…

On a film note, ‘Cruel Acts of Kindness’ is also now scheduled to begin production in April next year. We’re currently looking for cast & crew that may be a good fit with our team – so if this may be you, this link will interest you; contempovision.com/cast-crew-call-for-april-2011