My name is Kane Arcadia – filmmaker & photographer based in Western Australia.

Whilst being technically adept is an obvious trait one should have, I find it more important to first illustrate the ‘why’. If there is no meaningful why, then it is simply not art. For example; in my opinion a film and a movie are two different entities. A movie is a piece of entertainment, and entertainment is meant to be consumed (with little time to digest). For a film to be a piece of art, it should not tell you anything. It should however question you. Evoking and/or enforcing you to digest it properly – within your own context.

To me, a cultures true artwork is extremely important to it’s own well-being. This rings especially true since philosophy has long given way to religion and industrialisation as the dominant forces in our daily life. As an anarchist, i see and wish for a different way, however that vision is extremely hard to actualise. This is where i apply my effort in life, as well as my art.

I’ve been involved in the film industry for over 15 years with a wide range of experience. I began with crew roles such as camera assistant, gaffer & boom operator – slowly working my way to cinematographer & assistant director – until I was confident enough to step up to the positions of producer, editor, writer and director – with the latter group being my primary focus nowadays. These have also been in a diverse range of projects types – from feature films, shorts, documentaries, television, webseries & music videos. All of this enables me to paint a more complete picture when it comes to realising projects – many of which have featured in film festivals, TV & newspapers around the world.

In 2004 I founded Contempovision Films as a platform to create projects. In 2005 I started the Perth Filmmakers Directory for filmmakers to network and collaborate. In 2007 I was accepted into the inaugural Portable Screen Academy which was run and sponsored by AFTRS & ACMI. Through Contempovision Films, I released two compilation DVD’s; one in 2008 titled ‘From Conception To New Born’, and the second in 2012 titled ‘From Newborn to Adolescence’. Additionally, I studied cinema at Curtin University from 2007-2010, attaining my Bachelor of Arts in Film (& Marketing).

I’ve always had a keen interest in the visual side of filmmaking – so when it came to picking up a stills camera, many of the same techniques applied. There is an old saying about just how much a picture can say – and it’s true – whether it’s many frames a second or just a single exposure. Instead of writing a long description about my photographic journey, i’ll let the images speak (for more, please visit my gallery, or your choice of poison – flickr, instagram or twitter);

Remembering the Past - Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland