Muslims displaced Sydney protests and asylum seeker misconceptions

This situation is an unfortunate regression for Muslims in Australia as the general population views headlines and that’s it – verdict = guilty. There have been similar protests all over the world against this anti-Islam movie and its important to note that they have all been directed at the US Embassies for obvious reasons (the film originates from there) and not Australia itself. It’s also important to note that the protest in Sydney was organised as a peaceful event, but as with many other protests a minority exists which have taken it a step too far. I don’t agree with the violence which was definitely displaced and will not serve their cause – but the organisers and Muslim leaders will also tell you this.

There are so many religions throughout the world and most of them are targets of ridicule and analysis from time to time. Muslims & Islam have had more than their fair share of this and whilst I don’t agree with all the criticism they receive (because its based on extremists, not purists), I also think that their reaction to criticism is their main downside. There is no need for this senseless violence. Although, that was very easy for me to say, probably not so easy when you’re always labelled a terrorist…

Please note that protesters in Sydney are not asylum seekers, so don’t be stereotypical and group them together as one, but I think this situation has similarities with asylum seekers and violence in detention centres. The media repeatedly reports with fearful headlines full of clichés and Australians sometimes judge without looking at the cause of the situation – and why should they, its wrong to protest and sew your lips together, right? It’s wrong to come on a boat, right? No & no. People born into Australian society are lucky, there is not doubt about it and we can’t really grasp how it would be to have no voice. Oh, except for the indigenous Australians of course.

Picture: Simon Bullard. Source: The Daily Telegraph.