Billy Bragg and The Living End live in Perth 2012

I thought I would post a couple photos I recently took using my old Honeywell Pentax ES II, a Helios 58mm f2 (44M-7) & one roll of ISO 800 35mm film. I absolutely love the workflow of film; no post! I did however crop some of the images because I only had one prime, so i did frame some shots with that in mind for variety! Please note they all cheap shop low resolution scans!

The first few are from the Billy Bragg concert I attend which also happened to be one of the most enjoyable live gigs in recent memory! He played two separate sets; the first celebrating the legacy of Woody Guthrie as he jammed out numerous songs from his Mermaid Avenue CD’s (on which he collaborated with the group Wilco). The second set explored Billy‚Äôs own songs that have made him famous over his almost three decade career.

Then follows a couple snaps of the rockers The Living End on their Retrospective Tour where they played each of their six albums in full across 35 shows in five Australian capital cities; now that’s what I call a tour! This was also a little trip down memory lane as I first saw them way back in a 1998 new years eve gig! I guess I’ll wait another 14 odd years before seeing them again!