Billy Bragg and the protest project

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by an activist/filmmaker who wanted to chat about collaborating on a feature length documentary about, you guessed it, activism. It will specifically revolve around the activists plight in the humble city of Perth, Western Australia with the main focus on their personal struggles in “creating change in a city that is often seen as very apathetic”.

Now with my upcoming feature A Fair Go being in pre-production, one might think I already have enough on my plate. I would probably agree but the night before the meeting I saw Billy Bragg live at the Astor Theatre in Mount Lawley. With his lyrics echoing in the back of my head I decided to put my hand up to help out on the doco. We’re not quite sure how I’ll be contributing yet but its confirmed that i will be. Thanks Billy.

I also had the chance to chat with Mr. Bragg about the sad state of affairs concerning refugees. Since I’m making A Fair Go I brought up the subject as i knew he has spoken out about it in the past; we seemed to agree that we’re not handling the situation in the most humane way possible. He went on to mention his song ‘Distant Shore’ off ‘England, Half English’ was specifically about this issue (which I of course already knew) and he would see what he could do for letting me use it in my film! Fingers crossed Billy comes to the party on that one!